• Emily Bondi

A Trip Across the Pond: Trella takes on Economics and Lacrosse

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By: Emily Bondi

A Pittsburgh native and a guy who describes himself as committed, ambitious and easy going is taking a leap of faith and a trip across the pond to London, England. Matt Trella, who graduated from Westminster College in May 2019 with a Business Administration degree is obtaining a master’s degree in International Finance and Economics while playing lacrosse at Bournemouth University located in Poole, England.

Trella says, “I decided to do this after the Play Overseas program connected us with the university here in England. It was an affordable program that would only take one year to complete. The opportunity to travel, live, and play lacrosse with some of my best friends one more time also was enticing.”

Trella joins three other Westminster College Alumni that include Reid Lutz, Alex Kennedy and Ryan Shorts.

Trella’s story would have been very different if he didn’t play lacrosse in college which almost happened.

“I did not originally want to play on the collegiate level, but Coach Geiger came to one of my games my senior season in High School and really swayed me on the new program they were starting at Westminster. It ended up being a great decision that I was not overly enthused with at first.”

Trella started playing in seventh grade when Moon High School started a team and has been playing for 11 years so far. At Bournemouth University Trella will play in the BUCS league, which is equivalent to the NCAA in the United States. Playing in a different country does have a fair share of challenges.

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Trella explains, “the game is a little different over here. There are a lot of different terms for certain facets of the game than there are in the U.S. We have a really great and energetic group of guys who are committed to winning here and it has been a blast thus far.”

The season is also very different over in England. It runs from late September until March and then the team will take part in the BUCS Cup Tournament which will last until April.

Trella has learned that being self-sufficient while over in England is important and is grateful for this opportunity.

“My parents have done a lot for me to help make this possible, which I am very grateful for, although I do have to deal with being out here on my own. There is a great group pf guys on the lacrosse club that we have the pleasure to be playing with this season, who have been extremely helpful to us Americans too.”

Once the lacrosse season is over Trella plans to travel and take full advantage of his time overseas.

“I plan to do some traveling around Europe and finish out my course through the summer, which I will be graduating, hopefully in September. Goals of mine would be to truly master the course I am in and to really take some time to travel with my friends. A lot of opportunities for individual growth and I want to focus on that as well.”

Trella loves the game of lacrosse because it has given him many memories and friendships. He has learned some amazing life lessons and credits all the great coaches he has gotten to play for.

“It has been an amazing sport and I owe so much of my life to it.”

Once Trella finishes his time overseas he hopes to go down a wealth management or finance industry path.

“I guess my dream job would be to be entrepreneurial in some stance. I would love to start a wealth management practice at some point and have my own clients.”

The sky is clearly the limit for Trella as a committed, ambitious and easy going guy he can accomplish anything.

“I would like to say to anyone considering doing something like this is if they have the inclination to do it, then do it. It is a shake out of the comfort zone that I think is good for anyone to experience.”

Good luck to Trella and the Bournemouth University lacrosse team this season and all the best to Trella on his trip across the pond!

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