• Taylor Nichol

Angelica Bertko-Townsell empowers youth to embrace their uniqueness

By: Taylor Nichol

Growing up around sports, Angelica Bertko-Townsell gained a lot of confidence through athletics. She learned the importance of empowering people around her by being part of a team. Since she was a young girl, she also enjoyed expressing herself through fashion statements. Using clothing and accessories, she was able to showcase her individuality and unique style.

After graduating from Central Valley High School, she attended Duquesne University. During her time in the city, she became the subject of many photo shoots. Over the years, she gained a large following on social media. What started as a hobby became a career for Angelica, who is now a fashion model for Docherty Model & Talent Agency.

While she is confident in who she is now, she had many moments where she felt out of place or different from others. Growing up, she realized that she didn't look anything like most of the models in advertisements. What was once intimidating for her has grown to be her motivation. She firmly believes that individuality is a person's strongest suit and everyone should embrace the way they look. She penned this advice to youth that may feel underrepresented in the industry.

Angelica regularly travels for work and shares photos from her trips on her Instagram page. To stay up to date with her, you can find her on Instagram.