• Taylor Nichol

Black History Month Series: A Letter from Dorin Dickerson

Introduction By: Taylor Nichol

How many of you have visited the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum at Heinz History Center? A few family members from Buffalo came with me on my first trip. They could not believe how many notable athletes were raised in this region, including Buffalo’s beloved former quarterback, Jim Kelly.

“It must make you really proud to be from this area,” they said.

We certainly are proud of the sports success, from Super Bowl wins to Stanley Cups. But we also find ourselves bragging about the positive impact that athletes have left on our communities. Children watched people from their own hometowns go the extra mile, and felt a glimmer of hope that they could realize their own dreams. Additionally, many professional athletes make time to return home for volunteer events. Some have even founded their own non-profit organizations to give back to the place they call home.

With February being Black History Month, it seemed like the perfect time to highlight Black men and women that have inspired youth to chase their dreams.

We worked with a number of local people that conquered their goals, despite the obstacles. These individuals wrote empowering letters to children that will go through similar experiences in life, while also reflecting on their own journeys. Each person has a unique background with plenty of advice to share. Today through the end of February, we will share one letter and a profile for each participant.

One of the prominent Western Pennsylvania success stories belongs to Dorin Dickerson. Dorin grew up in Imperial, Pennsylvania, and attended West Allegheny High School. His football talents earned him All-American honors and he gained national attention as a tight end at the University of Pittsburgh. Dorin was drafted by the Houston Texans in the 2010 NFL Draft and spent six years in the league.

Dorin now resides in the Pittsburgh area. These days, you can hear him analyzing sports and sharing his stories on 93.7 The Fan. Recently, he has provided game coverage for the WPIAL Championships at Heinz Field. Knowing what he knows now, he reflected on his early life.

His unique skill set has inspired youth to take an interest in sports broadcasting. One young athlete in particular, Kaden Colville, reached out to Impactful Sports with a thank you to Dorin. Colville is a member of the Central Valley High School football team.

"I think it is so cool to see him out there on the sidelines, knowing he was once a WPIAL player just like us," he said.

"It gives him a better understanding of how we feel and you can tell he understands what's going through our heads out there."

Colville also appreciated the decision to play in Pittsburgh. "To stay closer to home gives so much pride to your city," he said.

"People from Pittsburgh really love rooting for players that came from the area, and I would hope to do the same thing one day."

Down the road, Dorin hopes to share his sports and journalism knowledge with people that want to get involved in the field. From high school football to the NFL scene, he certainly has a lot of interesting anecdotes to share on the air. He is also available for public speaking and event appearances. To stay up to date with his broadcasts and special appearances, click here to follow Dorin on Twitter or like his page on Facebook.

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