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Borges Takes Hockey Fandom To Next Level

former NJ Devil player
Ken Daneyko and Charlie Borges | Credit: Charlie Borges

By: Emily Bondi

Arguably the best sport in the world according to Charlie Borges hockey is his favorite sport to watch, listen and write about. The guy lives and breathes hockey and knows the game well. Originally from Neptune, New Jersey, Borges is a die-hard NJ Devils fan and his obsession with hockey came at a young age.

“My dad was a big fan of the NJ devils and it just came to me and I really just wanted to impress my dad so my sports obsession was from him,” Borges added.

Borges had an idea that he wanted to pursue a career in sports, but the journey didn’t start fresh out of high school.

“Fun fact in 8th grade I was voted most likely to be a stand up comedian and in the yearbook we had all of our dreams listed and mine was interviewing athletic celebrities on ESPN. Fast forwards to high school where I enjoyed my history teachers classes the most and was set on going to college to become a history teacher.”

Borges started college with a degree in history, ended up changing it a few times and then took two years off. “Some of my friends asked what I was going to do after my two years off so I decided to do something with sports and broadcasting. I did one year at a community college and then transferred to Westminster and continued my degree.”

Borges is a storyteller in his writing and has learned to craft his skill set well. During his time at Westminster he did many remote broadcasts, ran camera, announced for Titan radio and TV at football, basketball, baseball and softball games. He truly loved it all. He also had weekly interviews for the college TV show “Coaches Corner”.

“My favorite game and memory at Westminster was calling the football game against Thomas Moore in 2017 with Kellen Gursky. The Titans were in overtime and John Cyback had the game winning field goal and the Titans won. It was such a fun game to call and made the six hour drive to Kentucky worth it,” added Borges.

After graduating from Westminster in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting and Digital Communications and Media Production, Borges is now continuing his journey at Iona College in New York City for a Masters in Sports Communication and Media. He also continues to work at 95.9 WRAT in Belmar, NJ.

Borges has also been able to write for a NJ Devils hockey blog “Pucks and Pitchforks” and has really grown in his writing over the last year.

“It is fun content to add especially in these times and the best way to improve is writing and the more you do it the better you become and tell stories. I have gotten use to spelling and repetition and that is something P&P helps out with. Once you start writing for a website it forces you to go in-depth on things. You are looking at different aspects of the game, when the turning point was and you focus on more things if you weren’t a die hard fan,” Borges said.

Being able to express yourself creatively and do something you love fuels the fire for Borges to keep writing and creating content. He also has great friends and mentors that he has met along the way including Kellen Gursky and Gary Swanson, “they both helped shape my time at Westminster.”

As an avid hockey fan and writer Borges dream job would be contributing to the National Hockey League (NHL) in some capacity. And with the announcement on May 26, 2020 the NHL will be bringing hockey back with a playoff schedule, which makes Borges, very excited. “The format is not the traditional Stanley Cup playoffs but at this point where we are in the world anything positive is good, so even just talking about hockey coming back is something to be happy about. Even though the Devils aren’t in the playoffs I am still happy and excited to watch.”

Borges has a bright future ahead of him and as an avid hockey writer he always has great content to add.

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