• Taylor Nichol

Celebrating Black History Month: 5 memorable quotes from WPIAL icons

We were fortunate enough to spend the last week showcasing amazing individuals. Thank you to Dorin Dickerson, Richard Ellebie, Angelica Bertko-Townsell, and John G. Clark for participating in our Black History Month Celebration. They shared very thoughtful, sincere words that heartened our audience.

Today, the final day of February, our celebration comes to a close with a compilation of inspirational words from WPIAL icons. You know their names and you've likely seen them on your television. While they've shown us what athletic success looks like, they've taken time over the years to reflect on what it took to get there.

We included some of our favorite quotes from former WPIAL/Pittsburgh area athletes. They inspire us to be grateful, humble, and hardworking.

Thank you to those that read and shared our posts this week. While the formal celebration of Black History Month ends today, we continue to honor those that have positively impacted their communities and paved the way for the next generation.

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