• Emily Bondi

Hall Showcases Skill Behind the Camera and on the Field

Carter Hall | Credit: Carroll University

By: Emily Bondi

Born and raised in Zeeland, Michigan Carter Hall lived there his whole life until he transferred to small town New Wilmington his freshman year of college. Hall attended Westminster College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spring 2019.

When Hall walked into the broadcasting department his freshman year he knew he was where he was supposed to be.

“I was really shocked when I transferred to Westminster my freshman year of college. Coming into the broadcasting program was a very big change for me. Seeing what we had for equipment and resources really made me happy that I made the choice to transfer, and the faculty and staff couldn’t have been more supportive during my time in school. There were so many opportunities outside of class to get better in all aspects of media.” Hall explained.

One major benefit of going to a small school was the unique opportunities students like Hall received.

“I’ve always wanted to get into content creation, so I spent a lot of time volunteering with the basketball and football teams to work on my craft. Having these opportunities gave me the chance to learn about content creation, and allowed me to start my own freelance media business.”

During his time at Westminster, Hall was also a member of the first men’s lacrosse team. His love of the sport came at a young age when his high school team won a championship in 2003.

Cater Hall | Credit: Jason Kapusta

Hall said, “I first got involved around 2008 when I first entered middle school. What really got me hooked was our team at that time needed a goalie and nobody was willing to step up, so I stepped in the net and I fell in love with the game.”

Hall has moved on to coaching and is truly making am impact on young players lives both on and off the field. This past January he moved to Waukesha, Wisconsin to accept a graduate assistant position at Carroll University. He is working towards his MBA in Business Management and is expected to finish in the spring of 2022.

“My favorite thing about Carroll is how we as a staff have a major impact on our athletes lives. Coaching college lacrosse is a blessing in itself, but being able to prepare the young men in our program for their future and seeing them succeed is by far my favorite thing. Helping prepare these men on and off the field is why I find such joy in coaching.”

Hall has also stayed busy during this summer running content creation for Alpha Lacrosse, which is one of Wisconsin’s premiere club lacrosse programs. This program is for youth and high school lacrosse players. It is designed to put these athletes in a position to be great players and even better men.

Hall said, “I get to follow our teams to different tournaments to capture content and create postings for our social media. I don’t necessarily look at what I do with Alpha as a job, because I’m able to be around the two things that I love most, media and lacrosse.”

Story telling has played a big part in why Hall has a passion for sports and media creation.

“Being involved in athletics has always been my thing. But my passion for sports media is rooted in storytelling. Most people look at a picture or a highlight and say, “That was a nice shot” or “Wow that’s a cool picture.” I look at it for what the image or video is worth. You can tell so much about a game or competition by looking at the actions of the athletes. Sports will tell the story for me, and by capturing the natural content of the game I am able to retell that story in a different way. “

He has created a craft and has an eye for it. Although Hall hasn’t decided on what path he will take he knows he will always be involved with sports and media.

“I know that I will either be coaching college lacrosse, or working towards being a content creator in collegiate athletics. Either way I want to be involved in sports, but it is going to come down to where I see myself succeeding the most in my career.”

Hall has a true talented behind the camera and on the field and we wish him all the best as he pursues his true passions in life, because in the end it shouldn’t feel like a job if you are doing something you love.

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