• Taylor Nichol

Richard Ellebie encourages youth to 'get up and win' each day

Introduction by: Taylor Nichol

Our very first story on this site was a feature on Richard Ellebie. For our Black History Month series, we knew Richard was a great source of empowerment for young athletes. He currently plays professional football in Japan's X-League, for the Fukuoka Suns.

Pursuing a sport professionally is no easy feat. You can find a full write-up of his background here, but Richard has also impressed many people with his ability to tackle challenges. As he reflects on his life, he reminisces on both love and loss.

While he was playing football at Westminster College, Richard's mother tragically passed away. His grief sent him to a dark place, leading him to (temporarily) quit playing football. Since football is his full-time job now, it's hard for him to imagine not playing the sport he has dedicated his life to. When he was experiencing difficult times, he remembered his mother and that she would want him to keep pursuing what he loved.

After a short break, Richard suited up and returned to the field. Looking back, if he had given up on football, he isn't sure where'd be. He is happy that he persisted, even when he didn't feel like he could. Richard wishes to share encouragement with others so that they stay on the right path to their dreams.

Richard is currently in the United States for his off-season and will return to Japan in the Spring. He welcomes questions and is happy to help anyone that needs advice. To stay up to date with him, you can "like" his Facebook page.