• Taylor Nichol

Striving for greatness? Stop following others, says John G. Clark

Introduction by: Taylor Nichol

When John G. Clark was interviewed by Impactful Sports a few months ago, he spoke passionately about entrepreneurship. While some people are discouraged by the "risks" of starting their own business, John is entirely driven to create his own empire. In fact, he believes it's risky to not control your own situation.

John has spent many hours studying financial books and economic trends. One takeaway from his first interview is the concept of multiple income sources. He believes it's essential to have (at least) a secondary source of income to fall back on, especially in times of recession and job cuts.

Taking control of his career, John established New Castle Mobile Notary in 2018. He offers notarization services that are uniquely convenient. He drives directly to his clients when they need him. He also works beyond the usual 4 or 5 p.m. cutoff time.

As a business owner, father, and husband, he aims to inspire others to think outside the box. His time as an athlete sharpened his ability to think critically and regroup when a plan doesn't work out.

John penned this letter to himself as a child, and to young athletes that may need motivation.

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