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Watt has High Hopes as Toronto Mets Season Starts

Image Credit--Toronto Mets Parent

By: Emily Bondi

“Being able to turn the page” doesn’t matter if you have had an extremely good day or an extremely bad day, there will always be another chance.

Growing up in Toronto, Ontario and playing baseball for 21 years, Duncan Watt set his eyes on playing in the United States to further his education and extend his baseball career.

Watt, who is the oldest in his family can remember growing up watching baseball on T.V. and spending most of his free time playing outside.

Watt went to a junior college in Iowa before transferring to Westminster his sophomore year and graduating in May 2016 with a degree in Media Arts and Design.

Watt said, “I love being creative and making ideas come to life. I also enjoying the marketing side of business so re-branding and creating new ideas always interest me.”

After graduating college Watt wasn’t ready to hang up the uniform so he played for two years with the Capital City Reds in Ottawa, Ontario. Once Watt finished his time and went back home to Toronto, he realized he wanted to be a baseball coach.

Image Credit--Capital City Reds Teammate

Watt said he really wanted to share his knowledge that he learned over the years with kids who are trying to live out their own dreams.

Watt is currently working with the Toronto Mets as a head coach. He is also a hitting and defense instructor and works out of the Toronto Mets facility.

Going into his fourth year with the Mets and now in his second year of head coaching Watt has high hopes for his team. “I am expecting another good year out of my players. I have another very talented group and I believe if they all buy in to what we try to accomplish we are going to be a pretty tough team to beat.”

Watt really enjoys seeing his players achieve their goals especially when he has had a similar experience. “I think the best part about working with young adults is sharing experiences that I have with them. The majority of them all have the same goal of getting the opportunity to play baseball at the collegiate level in the USA. I would say it’s pretty rewarding when we have graduating players that go off to school.”

Watt has turned his dream into a reality. “Being able to teach and stay in the game of baseball is a dream come true. I always dreamt big growing up, wanting to play professionally. Sometimes we get put on a different path and that’s fine. Going to work every day never really feels like going to work.”

Watt credits baseball for teaching him many life lessons. “Everything is earned not given and never stop learning. The moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing as an individual.”

Baseball has helped Watt find the drive to grow. It has also taught him that if he puts his mind to it, he can achieve anything.

A baseball player turned coach who is truly living out his dream is another example of how a player is giving back to the sport that gave him so much.

Good luck to Watt and his team this season.

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