• Taylor Nichol

Westminster College alum publishes explanatory financial planning book

By: Taylor Nichol

NEW CASTLE, Pa. -- At age 25, Brandon Domenick has already made a name for himself in the financial field. Just a few years out of college, he is a business owner and book author. This month, Domenick independently published his first book, The Pursuit of Life's Wealth: Integrating Finances with Personal Growth for a Better Life.

How does one accomplish so much in a short time? For Domenick, it’s a matter of time management, which he says he mastered while playing basketball. “There are a lot of athletes that have success in the professional world because of the everyday grind that they become accustomed to,” he said.

Domenick earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Westminster College. He currently works as a financial planner and he is the owner/managing partner of Capital A Wealth Management. The business has offices in Cranberry Township and New Castle, where Domenick grew up and went to high school. He possesses the Series 65 license, which gives him the ability to be a registered investment advisor. He also holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) title as of October 2019.

He originally attended Gannon University in Erie, where he was a point guard on the basketball team. However, his playing career almost came to an end when he suffered multiple concussions. Domenick then transferred to Westminster College, which is a short drive from his hometown of New Castle. After a recovery period, he ultimately picked up the sport again and joined the Westminster Titans on the court.

“I hated writing papers in college which is very ironic,” he said. Writing is much more enjoyable for him when he covers the topics he is most passionate about. “When I went into the finance field and started learning, I couldn't find any information for someone who wasn't already an expert in this industry,” he said. “When I picked up finance books in my first year or two, they confused me more than they helped me.”

That experience fueled him to write a book that would be helpful to all backgrounds, including those with limited or zero financial knowledge. In addition to its user-friendliness, Domenick’s two-step approach makes the book unique. The first section discusses succeeding in life and personal relationships, something that he believes is essential to wealth. “Being happy and continuing to grow on the inside can give you freedom internally, which can also help motivate you to achieve your monetary goals.”

The second section explains financial investment tactics that he usually applies with his clients. “The second section discusses tax efficient investments, along with strategies that can help people become more educated in their financial decisions,” he said.

The target audience for the book launch is very broad. “It’s perfect for anyone looking to better their lives: mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially,” he stated. “I think the book is special in its ability to bring difficult concepts to the surface and make them easy to understand.”

He worked with a company called Advisors Excel that assisted in the launch of the book. He found them especially helpful with relating the concepts to the reader. He is grateful for his friends and family that supported the endeavor, especially his colleagues at Capital A. This includes his father, David Domenick, Sr., who started the firm, his brother David, Jr., Michael Richards, Jr., and Joseph Palimino.

Preparing the book was an extensive project for Domenick. “It took me about 8 months to put all of my ideas together and on paper and another couple months for editing and printing,” he said. Since he independently published the book, he was heavily involved in the process from start to finish. “I've realized that anything worthwhile is usually difficult!”

He doesn’t shy away from tackling obstacles. Overcoming adversity is another skill that he developed as a basketball player. “Being an athlete forces you to be comfortable being uncomfortable,” he said. “Almost every athlete has endured some form of uncomfort, and I think this helps in the professional world.”

When thinking about life’s challenges, he remembers a particularly difficult time in his youth. “The biggest obstacle I faced was watching my mother battle breast cancer when I was a sophomore in high school,” he said. He learned of her diagnosis when he was in a playoff run with his team.

Fortunately, his mother fought hard and beat cancer. He recalls how difficult the experience was for him and his loved ones. “It was tough to overcome... it gave myself and my family a new meaning of life.”

With everything he has experienced, he is sure to make the most of every situation and never squander opportunities in life. He credits some of the athletic role models in his life for his outgoing mindset. “My New Castle basketball coach Ralph Blundo is like a second father to me,” he said. He also thanks his college coaches, John Reilly and Kevin Siroki. “All of these guys demonstrated what it took to win, not only on the court, but off the court as well.”

Domenick encourages aspiring authors to proceed with their plans. He advises that it’s best to run at your goal while you have the motivation. “Just go for it, because the longer you wait and think, the harder it is to get started,” he said. “I think this advice is relevant in many areas of life.”

Now that his book has been published and released, Domenick hopes his work will help many people. He says his caring nature was the main reason that he went into the financial field. “I get so much satisfaction out of helping people retire and live a full, stress free retirement.”

Down the road, his future may include sharing knowledge about basketball. “I play in a couple of men's leagues and still do enjoy playing the game,” he said. “Eventually, I would enjoy getting back into coaching at the high school level and give back to the kids of the younger generation.”

Mostly, he wants to be sure that he is living a fulfilling life. “I would just like to simply look back and know that I have grown in every area of my life,” he stated.

With his desire to help and go-getter personality, Domenick will surely continue to inspire others and thrive. Positive feedback is already rolling in for the book, which is available now. Support a former Western Pennsylvania athlete by ordering your copy today!

The Pursuit of Life's Wealth: Integrating Finances with Personal Growth for a Better Life is available on Amazon. The book is available digitally for Kindle or paperback with Prime shipping rates. You can purchase the book by clicking here. You can also purchase a copy by calling 724-658-4211 or emailing

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