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Westminster Titan to Steeler Nation

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By: Emily Bondi

Picture this, a 4-year-old little boy holding a plastic baseball bat trying to hit whiffle balls in his pap’s backyard, only to grow up playing baseball for two decade while living out his dream as an ESPN radio host all at the age of 24. Kellen Gursky grew up in Greenville, a small town in Pennsylvania where he graduated from Reynolds High School with 115 other classmates.

Gursky is an only child and says he considers himself “a true momma’s boy.” Growing up Gursky played for Reynolds community teams as well as Reynolds High School.

Gursky remembers all the success his summer teams had. “My stepdad coached them and he took a more fun approach to baseball. We actually played in the state tournament four years in a row and we were top three in the state all four years. Those were some of the best summers of my life playing on those teams. We experienced success for the first time and that was pretty cool.”

Gursky got involved with baseball because it was one of the first things he remembers doing as a child with his pap. “I remember playing catch in his backyard and talking about sports with him. That rubbed off on me in a big way.”

Gursky knew in high school he wanted to continue his baseball career in college. “It was always a dream. I wanted to play at the next level.”

Gursky also knew he wanted a career in sports and that’s what led him to broadcasting. “Broadcasting was what I really wanted to do. I would talk about sports so much that people in high school and even my family members would say you’re going to be on ESPN one day. “

Gursky had many fond memories from the Westminster dugout, but his favorite memory came from the sunshine state. The Westminster baseball team was down in Florida for their spring training trip right before the season started. “My first collegiate debut, I started in the outfield and my first at bat I hit a home run. It was crazy. I knew I hit it well and started sprinting around the bases. It was unreal, I will never forget that.”

Gursky is an all around sports fanatic. He announced football and basketball games at Westminster as well as having his own interview segment for the weekly show “Coaches Corner”. His favorite interviews were always with football coach Scott Benzel or basketball coach Kevin Siroki.

Between baseball and broadcasting Gursky has allowed himself to face many challenges and life lessons. He truly believes baseball has helped him get to where he is today. Being a radio host for an ESPN affiliate is a dream.

Baseball taught Gursky many life lessons that he still uses today. “The first one is being able to be versatile and put yourself in different situations. I think that is really important in life and you have to be willing to go outside your comfort zone. The second one is corny, but the idea of last play. The idea of treating every day, every pitch, every down, whatever it might be that it could be the last time you ever do it. The last one was the biggest one for me personally, but baseball teaches you a lot about failure and in life you’ll have that as well.”

Left to Right: Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Bob Labriola of and Charlie Batch former Pittsburgh Steeler. Image credit--Kellen Gursky

Gursky works in Pittsburgh for iHeartMedia and covers ESPN Pittsburgh and Steeler Nation radio. Gursky is doing exactly what he loves. “I get paid to talk about the Steelers once a week on my Steelers Saturday show for two hours. To have a show especially about a team that I grew up watching is a dream. It’s like I’m living in some fantasy.”

Sports can have an impact on a person’s life and career. Without a plastic bat and whiffle ball at the age of four, Gursky might have taken a different path in life. Baseball and broadcasting led Gursky to ESPN Pittsburgh and Steeler Nation Radio and he couldn’t be happier.

At the age of 24 Gursky is living the dream. “Dreams can happen and if you would have told 10-year-old me that this is what I would be doing one day I would have laughed.”

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